A 2d game engine built with a
focus on user-friendliness and speed

Windowing and Events

Lux uses Glutin to create windows with a suitable OpenGL context inside of them. All mouse and keyboard input is captured and given to the user as both a stream of events and as current data values that can be queried (eg calling window.mouse_pos() will return the current mouse position).


Lux uses Glium behind the scenes as a layer on top of modern OpenGL, but has it's own 2d graphics api that you can use to easily draw primitives, sprites, and text.

Game Loop (optional)

Simply by implementing the Game trait, you'll be given a robust game loop with a fixed-time update and lag compensation. The Game trait has some advanced configuration options, but only requires the programmer to implement the render(...) and update(...) functions.


Lux is MIT licensed